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Tesla – Is it Worth the Hype?

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Tesla – Is it Worth the Hype?

It’s difficult to remember a car in recent years that has caused as much hype around it as a Tesla. The very first model, the Roadster, arrived on the scene in 2009, followed by the highly successful Model S in 2012, which went on to be the winner of several car awards including 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year, before becoming the best-selling plug-in electric car worldwide. 

But a Tesla wasn’t the first electric car to be built, and it’s a long way off the cheapest. So why are Tesla’s so successful? And is it worth all the hype that surrounds it? Let’s take a closer look at whether you should consider a Tesla when searching for your next car.

The appeal

There’s no denying Tesla makes good looking cars. The modern, sleek designs and hi-tech interfaces combine to offer a futuristic seeming car which is all firmly part of the Tesla appeal. 

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The all digital in-car display with a large touch screen for nearly all controls adds to this and provides a sleek and streamlined experience from outdoor to indoor. All models handle well, accelerate faster than the average electric car, and come with Autopilot mode which, if you’re brave enough, really comes into its own when driving longer distances on the motorway. However, please do remember that Autopilot is not in fact fully auto and drivers do still need to be alert and ready to interject when more complex actions are required. 

Performance and charging 

Tesla is leading the way in electric vehicle manufacturing and heading up the charge to bring electric cars into the mainstream. One of the frequent critiques of electric vehicles is that covering long distances in them isn’t possible and finding places to charge can be difficult and time consuming. Tesla combat this by offering electric vehicles that cover long distances and at fast paces. On a full charge, the Model S can cover roughly 400 miles – enough to put even the most battery-anxious minds at ease. 

The added bonus of access to the Tesla Supercharger Network which operates worldwide should also make you feel more comfortable when heading off on longer journeys. The touchscreen display will direct you to the nearest charging point, then after a relatively quick 30 minute charge you’ll be notified on your phone when the vehicle is ready to go again. 


Yes, Tesla’s are expensive. But the battery packs that power their high-performance are also expensive so you are getting your money’s worth. However, research and investment into battery packs has already driven the prices down a little in recent years, and as electric vehicles become even more popular we can only assume this will continue. Hopefully, this should mean in a few years time we’ll see far cheaper electric vehicles coming on the market, and we should see Tesla’s themselves becoming more affordable. 

For now though, the Tesla Model 3 is certainly the most affordable of their current range, but at around £40,000 in the UK it still is not a cheap car by any means. Where it can save you money though is of course in charging costs as this will be significantly cheaper than fueling a petrol or diesel car. So it’s important to weigh that up when assessing your total car expenditure. 

Those who bought their Tesla’s before 2017 enjoy unlimited free charging across the Tesla Supercharger Network, whilst newer owners have a set number of hours of free charge, before being billed at 26p per kWh.

There are definitely cheaper electric vehicles on the market, so if you simply want a more eco-friendly option at a decent price then the Tesla isn’t it. But, if you’re seeking a high-performance car, with a sleek design, whilst also being a better environmental choice – this could just be a great option. 

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