Top 3 cars to drive in UK cities

City traffic is always a struggle. If you live in one of the bigger cities in UK, you know how long it takes you to grab a bite during lunch time and get home in the evenings. If that is the case maybe you should consider getting a small city car that could get you from one place to the other much faster and be more economical. Here are the top choices for a best city car you should consider.

  1. Volkswagen up!
    Known for being one of the most stylish city cars because of it’s classy and clan design. As any other Volkswagen this car will be a reliable investment. The main drawback is the price. As any Volkswagen car you might have to put aside quite a lot of money but knowing German quality cars you will not need to spend much for the repairs. The best thing about it is the steering. It is a fun easy to use little car to go for a ride in the country side or enjoy the bumpy ride of the city.
  1. Skoda Citigo
    The name says it all! A perfect car for going around the city. It is the perfect city car size with roomy interior and low maintenance costs. But you also get all the luxury amenities like heated (essential in UK), sat-nav, Bluetooth and more.
  1. Kia Picanto
    This is another great city car that is spacious and easy to drive. You can choose from three or five doors and you will have more than enough space in any case. One drawback is if you choose an automatic gearbox model it will consume more fuel and will be less economical for everyday commute. It is one of the most comfortable rides due to the soft suspension. You will be riding smooth and in comfort with this Kia. 


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